Restaurants & recipe books review

My boyfriend and I went to Daniel last Friday -- what an amazing experience! We arrived about 10 minutes early and were seated immediately. The waiters were quick to offer us refreshments and bring out a few canapés:goat cheese on parmesan toasts, mushroom gratin, sweet potato soup shots…

Chez Daniel, New York

Summer vegetables sprinkled with  plum oil

la tour dargent

I guess if I’m going to hold myself out as some sort of food critic, I better have some credentials. What better credentials than to have eaten at one of the finest restaurants in the world. So I took a jaunt from London over to Paris via the channel

La tour d’argent, Paris

Plum oil ice cream and agastache hints

restaurant la falaise

Remember this name : La Falaise. A beautiful discovery, a restaurant whose cuisine enchanted me… I almost wanted to keep its address hidden and stay mum about it… ;-) But why bother?

La falaise, cahuzac sur vère

Diner at Daniel

chez daniel, new-york

Plum oil and tarragon mustard

chef okamoto
  1. Puce Plum oil crème brulée with sheep milk yoghurt ice cream

  1. Puce Sea trout filet and potatoes stuffed with plum oil flavoured spinach cream

  1. Puce Armagnac clafoutis with a plum oil ice cream

Plum oil & restaurants latest

Polenta crémeuse à l’huile d’amandon de pruneau

michel sarran

Cuisson du foie gras d’une précision folle, un petit goût grillé, humm…magnifique; et ce cannelon, que dire? à en tomber le cul par terre, ferme de texture et tendre de goût, une alliance explosive à s’en faire péter les papilles!

Sarran, Toulouse

Chef Hideki Okamoto. DE ROANE, Tokyo.

Homard with plum oil

Cauliflower cream perfumed with plum oil

restaurant quay

Over the past two or three years, Peter Gilmore’s Quay has garnered more awards than I've had foie gras (including its first listing in the S. Pellegrino World's Best 50 Restaurants list, at number 46), and having not been there for almost seven years, it was a good time for my return.

Quay, Sydney

Plum kernel ice cream

restaurant savoy

It isn’t easy being a New York City restaurant. As soon as you’ve been opened for a year, you are instantly “so last year.” But a lucky few are able to make it past passé to permanent. Opened in 1990, Savoy is where it all started…

Savoy, New-York

Plum oil flavoured Tomato Ratatouille

restaurant crescent tokyo


Crescent, Tokyo


Plum oil Vichyssoise soup 


essential cuisine bras

The title,Essential Cuisine gives the impression of being about basics. The book is about as far removed from being about basics as you can imagine…

Cooking Books

Gewürzcouscous mit Languste und Grappaschaum

plum oil couscous

Den Couscous in eine Schüssel geben und mit der Hälfte des eingekochten Fonds mischen. Den Couscous im gelochten Garbehälter im Dampfgarer bei 100 °C etwa 12 Min. garen. Inzwischen die Brühe nochmals etwa 10 Min.

This month’s recipe

Couscous time !