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The seed inside the pit of the
plum gives a lovely oil full of
almond aroma

For Perles De Gascogne it all started in 1997 . Member of a big fruit cooperative, they observed how dried plum producers would regularly dispose of tons of prune pits used as combustile. Four years later, after some research, the product was ready : a plum pit oil pressed from seeds of prunes. Then came the consecration in 2000 : Dominique Bouchet, head chef of the Crillon in Paris won a renown cooking competition in Japan with a recipe based on plum oil. Since then, other chefs have been following his path Michel Bras, Christian Le Squer,Jacques Decoret…Plum oil has a very rich aroma and flavor and should be used sparingly so as not to mask the flavor of other ingredients. Its typical almond aroma is unmatched even by bitter almond extract. Try it with bakery and sweets, mayonnaise, salad or on a roasted fish. You will not be disappointed !


Cold with a mayonnaise, as an ingredient for salad dressing or sweet bakery (pear or apple tart) , with an ice cream. With hot meal at the end of the cooking, to give “an accent” to grilled fish or foie gras.