In the heart of France's d'Agen prunes country

Our farm VIDALOU, is located in Pujols a small town 60 km from Agen . Pujols exists since the middle age and enjoyed a good position on the famous pilgrimage route st James Way which played an important role in religious and cultural exchanges during the later Middle Ages. This explains some of our architecture dating from the 13th century and the unique character of our village , preserved under the "plus beaux villages de France" (Most beautiful villages of France) label.

Plums and hazelnuts

We grow about 30000 plum (d'Agen prune) and hazelnut (Pauetet) trees. Lot et garonne, the district where we live , produces 40% of French hazelnut and in most cases, hazelnut tree growers are plum tree growers as well. We grow Pauetet, an industrial (as opposed to table) variety of hazelnut grown for the chocolate industry. Pauetet stands out as the favorite for praline manufacturers because of its organoleptic qualities.

Praline flavours

Its praline like aroma finds its way into our hazelnut oil, unique and recognizable among many, delicate by its taste, cold pressed, virgin and processed using only fruits from our estate. We produce our oil in small batch, with no solvent. A real delicacy for those after a real taste and a rich flavour.

From Pujols to Tokyo

After we devised a technology to extract oil from plum seeds our plum seed oil was first marketed in 2001 following the green light from both the French Food Safety body (ANSES, formerly AFSSA) and the EU Novel Food Committee.Today, its originality seduces, its strong character convinces, its perfume astonishes and its peculiar profile explains its success with food processors, cosmetic companies, restaurants and fine food shops in France and abroad.

Acclaimed for its quality

Our Plum oil received the Golden Medal at the 2002 SIAL Paris Food Show and Perles De Gascogne was honored by the Hubert Curien Prize in 2005 for its technological achievement and its contribution to a greener environment.

Plum stories aquitaine map
Our location in Pujols, 60 km from Bordeaux
aerial view
Our farm
plum farm entrance
Main entrance
sunset on our plum yard
Plum orchard, sunset
d'Agen prune plum
D'Agen plums
Harvesting plums
plums and plum kernels
Plums and plum kernels
plum seeds
Plum kernels and plum seeds
Hazelnut oil
Virgin hazelnut oil
Plum oil
Virgin plum kernel oil
aquitaine map aerial view plum farm entrance sunset on our plum yard d'Agen prune plum umbrella plums and plum kernels plum seeds Plum kernel plum seed oil bottle