The foie gras baked in salt was delicious and on its edge sugar lime was spread for a sour and sweet accent! Divine!
This was, I think my favorite dish … A delicacy enjoyed with a glass of wine from Gaillac, recommended by the sommelier…
Speaking of the sommelier, this is the meal he told me he prefers.
The man looks shy at first but over the dinner, his real personality shows up : very funny , sometimes teasing but discreet . He has the flair on when to push a joke and make you feel comfortable.
Back to our second meal. I would say, it was almost as divine as the first.
Scents of spring leaves perfectely balanced with the smoothness of the sautéed lobster turned my mouth into and orgy of sensations and flavors…

Mount Royal Pigeon Roasted with wildflower honey, horseradish shoots and rhubarb reduction.

No picture … I ate the pigeon meal then I realised I should have taken a picture first…

I'm particularly found of pigeon meat which I find delicate, strong and tasty at the same time. It's really the meat I prefer! This dish was delicious. I was surprised by horseradish shoots.
They were, spicy but very pleasant, similar to their roots which flavor I knew already. Rhubarb reduction brought just enough sugar and acidity. Wildflowers honey sauce was in reality made from the reduced cooking juices. Very nice even if I did not expect that from reading the menu card (relative to wildflower honey).


I tasted delicious cheeses from the region. Fresh goat cheese from Pennes (Tarn et Garonne district), with a jelly made of flowers and honey . Sublime.

Sweets of the season

Depending on inspiration and season, LA FALAISE offers desserts and sweets of the moment. I discovered how strawberry and rhubarb could be used together for a dessert and it was a pure delight. Surrounding a carefully chosen beautiful cherry fruit was a plum oil ice cream whose texture and taste will stay in my mind for very long time … A wonderful discovery.

A beautiful discovery

Remember this name : La Falaise.
A beautiful discovery, a Restaurant whose cuisine enchanted me … I almost wanted to keep its address hidden and stay mum about it. … ;-) But why bother?
You will find it in the Tarn district, between Gaillac and Cordes Sur Ciel, on the so called “Gaillac wine route”.

Mashed carrots, green beans (dressing) pickled herring.

This mise en bouche was really tiny but had such a flavour…
such a taste… How would I put it…It reminded me of the green beans I tasted at grandma’s house while on vacation there 15 or 20 years. Those green beans from the garden ! Yes, they had that same taste.
Perfect…just perfect! In addition, there was this “bacon popcorn" …
Blown up like those appetizers you find in supermarkets bag but with a completely different flavour… Delightful, surprising!
Then came rods and cakes with Arabic sounding names I can hardly remember, made with chickpeas and spices.
Oh My G…!
I chose the menu "Some samples and other little things" :

Foie gras with asparagus Tessonnière, lime sugar and bitter orange pulp.

How to describe it ?
Fresh asparagus, sliced and perfectly seasoned, with their spears boiled, decorated with asparagus foam. Asparagus foam is an emulsion made with the same water asparagus were boiled in.

Restaurant review

On the map

La falaise

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Route de Cordes 81140 Cahuzac-sur-Vère

Agastache and plum oil flavoured ice cream sorbet

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