tokyo restaurant serving plum kernel oil ratatouille

Tokyo, plum oil flavoured tomato ice cubes.

The Magic Of Plum Oil

Plum oil was first used in gastronomy because it mimics the taste of bitter almond oil and gives sweets a rich taste. It has no "plum flavour," but a typical almond and marzipan taste, though more complex than almond oil. It was first used by chefs as a substitute for almond oil to create original dividing lines. The use of plum oil goes beyond sweets and takes advantage of the growing trend for new oils introduced by restaurants and food companies to explore original tastes. Plum oil is rich in vitamin E, has no trans fats and can be heated to 180ºC during frying.

From Entrée To Bakery

Drizzled it over starters, marinade with it, use it as an ingredient in baked goods, salad dressing, vinaigrette and sauces, or as a ready-made oil to "accent" hot meals. A fine balance between sweet salt and other flavors is crucial for successful inclusion in recipes and explains its associations with Armagnac ice cream, strawberry salad dressing, dark chocolate sushi or tapas. Plum oil can be mixed with olive oil and green lemon juice for a vinaigrette or used as such, sprinkled on fresh salads. The aroma is very rich, so you only need a few drops.

An Explosion Of Flavours

When frying with plum oil, marinating fish or balancing it with other spices, you will notice how its fragrance mixes delicately with other ingredients. This new culinary experience has inspired more than one.

Recipe Book

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Nutrition Profile

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 100g or 3.5 oz
Amount Per Serving
Calories 900  
Total Fat 9g  
Saturated Fat 7g  
Monounsaturated Fat 70g  
Polyunsaturated Fat 23g  
Trans Fat 0g
Dietary Fiber 0g  
Sugars 0g
Vitamin E 15mg
plum oil restaurant menus

Plum oil strawberry salad
Strawberries on a vanilla and plum oil cream
Strawberry tiramisu with raspberries marinated in virgin plum oil

Salad of Akane apples , lobster pincers and flower petals marinated in plum oil
Lobster served with a blender vinaigrette of Apple juice and plum oil
Mille feuille with Grany Smith apples, smoked salmon and caviar.Virgin plum oil vinaigrette

Avocado, shrimp tails and plum oil flavoured crab meat
King crab and avocado salad perfumed with plum oil
Avocado chantilly cream and crab meat seasoned with plum oil

Green courgette salad with plum oil and Parmesan cheese mousse
Courgette cream flavoured with mint , virgin plum oil and green lime
Plum oil quercynoise salad with sautéed dusk hearts and shallots
Sandwich filled with goat cheese, green olives and drops of virgin plum oil


Sea bass steamed with lemon and sprinkled with plum oil
Yellow fish roasted in plum oil, asparagus risotto on a champaign sauce
Anise coated tuna, pachoï on a vinaigrette of apple juice and plum oil
Monkfish poached with milk and marinated in plum oil
Red tuna carpaccio marinated in virgin plum oil and dry vermouth. Avocado cream
Plum oil roasted pike perch with vegetables
Royal sea bream tartar with plum oil, rolled in amaranth leaves
Brochettes of shrimps marinated in plum oil. Avocado purée
Sea trout filet and potatoes stuffed with spinach and plum oil cream

Langoustines tails steamed with asparagus and carrots.Lobster juice with plum oil
Tartar langoustine with tempura and carpaccio marinated in green lime and plum oil
Lobster carpaccio and a plum oil flavored courgette gratin and tomato
Roasted lobster laid on a mint gelée. Green peas with a plum oil bouillon
Saint-Jacques shells with a plum oil flavoured broccoli purée

Duck carpaccio flavoured with plum oil
Terrine of duck marinared in plum oil and baked in apple marmalade and prune marmalade
Rabbit legs. Carrot juice and plum oil sauce
Racan pigeon with a celery purée perfumed with plum oil
Quail stuffed with Italian sausage. Celery purée, black-eyed peas and plum oil flavoured spinach
Beef fillet. Purée of spring onion flavoured with plum oil
Grenadine of veal with roasted hazelnuts. Plum oil flavoured mashed potato

vegetables Pumpkin cream flavoured with plum oil
Plum oil flavored carrot purée on croutons
Creamy mushroom soup: Plum oil, mushrooms and crab meat
Zucchini cream with mint, plum oil and lime
Tomato ratatouille perfumed with plum oil
Duck sausage with apple jam, fig jam and cherry tomatoes seasoned with plum oil
Caramelized onion compote flavoured with plum oil
Plum oil vichyssoise soup


Chocolate arlequin mille-feuille and cherry sorbet with plum oil
Caramelised chocolate mille-feuille perfumed with plum oil
Plum oil chocolate mousse
Baked goat cheese polenta topped with drops of plum oil
Tomato confit cake with plum oil
Financier almond cookies : Sugar, eggs, butter, flour, almond powder and plum oil
Almond rice pudding and winter fruit salad sprinkled with plum oil and maple syrup
Almond ice cream with drops of plum oil
Plum oil frangipane mousse with red fruit purée
Red fruit turnovers on a plum oil ice cream
Cherry ice cream enhanced with plum oil. Cocoa, caramelised almonds
Apple tart with vanilla ice cream perfumed with plum oil
Crème brulée with drops of plum oil and sheep milk yoghurt ice cream
Clafoutis with cherries marinated in Armagnac decorated with plum oil ice cream
Pineapple chunks grilled with plum oil. Prune sorbet, Sarawak pepper cream sauce