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La depeche du midi


Can Perles De Gascogne keep its golden touch ?

After brilliantly launching his hazelnut oil, Perles De Gascogne started to experiment producing a vegetable oil from plum seeds. After two years of trials with ITERG, a research institute specialised in oil and fats based in Bordeaux, here we are: an agreement from the French Food Administration and from the european Novel Food body to market plum seed oil, pressed from the famous d'Agen prunes. 2000 tons of seeds are needed to manufacture 50 tons of oil. An unexpected opportunity for local plum growers and dried plum companies whose seeds were until now disposed of or used as heating combustible in factories.

Cleaned, washed, dried and sorted out, seeds are shelled on dedicated machines and pressed mechanically. The result is tasty, golden colour virgin oil, with a strong aroma reminiscent of almond oil. Plum oil can be used as salad dressing and mixed with a neutral tasting oil such as canola oil. Such is the aroma of plum oil that you will only need a few drops to bring flavour to food. Delighted by the samples they received, Michel Bras in Laguiole, the Haeberlin brothers in Alsace, Dominique Boucher from le Crillon in Paris are the first customers of Perles De Gascogne. The cosmetic industry is also in the ranks, interested by the characteristics of this oil . No doubt that the current production will expand!