apricot / pistachio crumble

apricot / pistachio crumble


I am addicted to crumbs, sweet or salty, but don't expect me to use the traditional cooking method and bake all the layers at the same time. I think there are too many inconvenient ones... In this method, for example, the cooking time doesn't differentiate between the upper and inner layers. Most of the time you get overcooked fruit and a moistened crust because water evaporates from the fruits...

Crumbs should be baked layer by layer, each with its own requirements. Then it is possible to focus on the creative side and achieve results that would otherwise be unattainable: succession of hot and cold layers, custom components, individual textures or unique flavors for each layer and so on.
Ok, back to our job. Today we will bake a "cold-on-cold" crumb.

Cooking the apricots

Apricot fruits should be cooked according to the "Christiane FEBER" method for jam.

∗ Seed the apricots
∗ Add sugar
∗ Macerate (cold) all the night
∗ Heat the apricots in the morning until they cook.
∗ Separate fruits from sauce
∗ Cook the sauce until sirupy
∗ Return the fruits to the sirup
∗ Heat again until the syrup boils
∗ Let to cold

If you prefer a tasty product, add one or two apricot seeds to the jam.

Better (and faster) : You can also add ¼ tablespoon of plum seed oil.

Divide the apricot jam into different cups. Wrap each one with a plastic wrap and refrigerate.

The crumble

For the crumble, first roast fresh pistachios in the oven until fragrant (7 minutes / 200°C). Rub them between your palm and remove their skin. Chop roughly.
Mix Flour / Butter / Brown sugar in equal parts until sandy. Spread this sandy mixture on a baking tray. Bake for 10 minutes (200°C). Don't panic if the crumble comes out very soft : It hardens when it cools.

Sprinkle the crumble on the fruits at the last moment, when it's time to eat. Bon appetit!

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